Mee Soto by Mom

There is so much benefit to mom staying next door to me. One is I can take care of her well being and where before I see her once every three months, now I see her everyday. The other benefit is of course since she cooks yummy food everyday, I get to eat yummy food every day.. lol! So much like I get enjoy live music each time A and his friends come jamming in the living room, I get to enjoy restaurant food each time mom cooks. Ah maybe I’ll visit and get me an instrument and write me song …hahahha

Anyway, here’s what mom cooked yesterday.. my fav noodle dish “Mee Soto”.. Enjoy!

mee soto

Jam and Eat

Ever since mom moved next door to me, I must say I think I’ve gained 10pounds. She cooks everyday and each time she will send food over to my place.. and what can a daughter say, other then “Thank you” right?

Anyway, the other friend A’s friend came over with his used 6 string bass to have a jamming session and what a treat he got when mommy invited him to join us for dinner. It was her very yummy special chicken rice, Singapore style.

Needless to say, it was one of the most energetic jamming session after. Lol

chicken rice

Midnight Snack: Tahu Goreng

While some people might be shopping online for clothes or even for a new guitar at the musician friend website, me and mom are busy packing for her move to KL… and you know what happens when we work and work and work right? You get hungry.. so here is something mommy whipped up at midnight.. Tahu Goreng or Fried Tofu with Gravy… Yums..

Tahu Goreng

My Birthday Lunch at Manhattan Fish Market – Wangsa Walk

We love going to Manhattan Fish Market and so when we saw the discount voucher on Groupon, we didn’t hesitate to grab it.

This time the offer was for Mediterranean Baked Fish which is made up of dory fillet baked in a blend of spices and herbs, and served with garlic herb rice and veggies (RM17.90) and the Scallops, Fish, Chicken Meal which is made up of finely-grilled chicken, crispy fish fingers, and fried scallops, and served with garlic herb rice and veggies (RM22.90). We also bought the Flaming Seafood Platter (RM49.90) but we were to full so we probably gonna use it when Mom is in town the end of the month.

Manhattan Fish Market Scallops Fish Chicken meal

Manhattan Fish Market Scallops Fish Chicken meal

Manhattan Fish Market Mediterranean Baked Fish

Manhattan Fish Market Mediterranean Baked Fish

Happy birthday to me! lol

Headphone Shopping

I am looking for a wireless headphones so I can listen to stuff easily and also so that the wires are out of the way of the kitties whose fav past time is to chew on anything that dangles. I wonder if the audio technica series from Guitar Center has what I am looking for. I heard they were having about 30% off their stuff in January. Time to go shopping!


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