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Headphone Shopping

I am looking for a wireless headphones so I can listen to stuff easily and also so that the wires are out of the way of the kitties whose fav past time is to chew on anything that dangles. I wonder if the audio technica series from Guitar Center has what I am looking for. […]

Quality Mixers

When I say, quality mixer, you might think I am referring to alcoholic drink right? Well not quite, I am referring to the mixers over at Musician’s Friend. Azwaj was looking at some the other day and he found some nice used ones over at the site. So if you are looking for some used […]

Sing It To The World

When you cook something nice, don’t you just wish you can share it with the world and let the world taste your cooking? Don’t you wish you have some Atlas Sound Stands around and just sing it and announced it to the world what a great cook you are? Well.. I don’t think I have […]

Too Late to Learn?

I’ve often wished that I had attended piano lessons when I was small. I reckon when I was growing up, it wasn’t an IN thing to send kids to music classes. Oh well..I wonder if it’s too late to learn something now. The kawai digital pianos at Guitar Center is looking mighty interesting to buy […]

Drooling and Salivating

I love food and although I try not to over indulge, I can’t help to do that sometimes. This is especially so if I was watching shows like Masterchef and any of the cooking shows for instance. Magazines does not help either (their web print solution must be really good) that sometimes I can feel […]

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