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daging salai masak cili api

When It Is So So Good..

There could only be two reasons why me and Azwaj could be very very quiet at the dining table. One is we’re having an argument or two when the food is absolutely delish that we are both speechless and just enjoying the food. lol.. Well today was just that instance, the latter I mean, and […]


Fruitful Day

Wow, what a productive day it has been. From getting deworming tablets for my furkids to getting wholesale toyota parts for my father-in-law, I feel like I’m gonna collapse if I don’t find my bed soon. I’ve been up since 3pm yesterday working the whole night with my client in the States and then because […]


Cook Book by Hjh Nazura

Last Saturday, I accompanied Azwaj to his very informal gathering with friends he had not met for over 25years. We suggested to Mustafa Jones Burger and it was a great hit. Anyway, we found out that one of his friends, Nazura, is a chef. She not only have won numerous cooking contest but also have […]

ikan terubuk masin

Ikan Terubuk Masin From Serawak

I’ve have always loved “Ikan Terubuk” (not sure what it’s called in English though). My mom usually put in the oven and then makes her delicious “sambal bawang” causing me to way overeat for sure. However I don’t get to enjoy it much since moving here. So I was thrilled when Azwaj introduced me to […]

Mini popiah goreng

Snacking on Fried Mini Popiah (Popiah goreng)

Sometimes sweet stuff is simply not enough, you need something savory right? Well, this is what I am munching or snacking on right now. Fried Mini Popiah that I got from the the Ramadan market. It’s not bad at all though I much prefer my “Kerepek pedas”. Kinda sad that I didn’t see that one […]

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