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Shopping Addict

I have been shopping online so much this month that I am afraid I have turned into a shopping addict. Lucky for me, hubby dearest does not play the the base or for sure I would have gotten him this active bass pickup coz it was going for such a deal on Musician Friend. Anyway […]

Great Gift for a Musician

Wanna get a great gift for a musician friend or even one your loved ones? Well check out this TC Electronic Polytune Noir Mini 2.¬†Check out the features below and with a great price of 89.99USD (Normal price is USD150), your loved ones will be thrilled to bits¬†for sure. PolyTune: tune all strings simultaneously Chromatic […]

Eating a Healthy Mediterrenean Diet

You may have heard of a healthy Mediterranean diet but you might not know much about it. It is a simple diet that consists of natural ingredients that appeal to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. If you are one who wants to enjoy the simple cuisine of Southern Europe, check out There are many […]

Online Offers Are The Best

I love shopping online and if you read my post on here, you know that I got a great bargain on an online store. Much like food, there are so many things that you can get cheaper when you shop online. You can save on tons of items, from clothing to accessories, from cookware to […]


The Perfect Coffee

When I was younger, I hated coffee. In fact when I visit someone’s house and was served coffee, I would politely ask for plain water instead. A few years later, after becoming a secretary, we had turns brewing coffee each morning and then I started to appreciate the fresh and lovely aroma of coffee each […]

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