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Reality Show: Cake Boss

Have you ever watched the reality show called “Cake Boss”? Well each time I do catch the show I am at awe at what these bakers can can do. Baking a cake is now an artform and these bakers go over and beyond. Don’t believe me? Check out their creations below and get ready to […]

How to Make a Castle Cake

Today happens to be the the birthday of my favorite aunt. Now if she was a little girl, I could have have made her this very special Disney World hotels cake but since she is all grown up, all I can do is wish her a Happy Birthday instead and hopes she has a wonderful […]


The Guitarist’s Wife

I found this cake picture of the Rickenbacker Bass online and thought it looked so awesome. Wondering when I would ever be able to bake such a cake of my own… sigh..

Creative Cake : Laptop Cake

I love creative food art and how much more can a custom laptop be then like these two pictures right? Aren’t they just awesome? I know for sure I would just stare and when it comes to eating I think I will just like pull out each alphabet as I eat them.. lol! [portfolio_slideshow] I […]

Cute Little Rings

While I was spring cleaning in Singapore, I found an old piece of birthstone jewelry in my drawer. It kinda made me feel nostalgic and so I thought of getting a birthstone ring for myself for my next birthday. As I looking at all the beautiful selection at the various online store, I found myself […]

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