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Prawns from Sarawak

So on my trip to Sarawak, there was three items that I really really really wanted to buy. First, it’s the Kek Lapis (I will blog about it later), Ikan Terubuk Masin (blog post coming as well) and the Gigantic Udang Galah… and here they are. Because we were in a rush, the travel guide […]

oven baked dory with salads

Lunch : Oven Baked Dory with Salads

If last week saw me eating away in Singapore with plenty of high carb food, this week I’m giving my tummy a break. We went grocery shopping yesterday and even I was amazed at the discpline both me and Azwaj had. No junk and fatty food. Our basket only had vegetables, tofu, fish and meat. […]


Swissroll with Pineapple Jam

On my last trip to Singapore (which also happened to be during Ramadan), me and mommy decided that since there was extra pineapple tart jam, we would make swissroll and use the jam as filling. The swiss roll turned out beautiful and with the home made jam, it was absolutely divine. Isn’t it lovely? Cheerio… […]

Spaghetti Cooked with Love

The same way people have data backup solutions, I have one backup plan to make sure Azwaj has something to eat when I’m not around next week… and that is spaghetti. It’s filling, easy to make and even easier for him to heat up in the microwave oven. This way, he is sure to have […]


Sotong Sambal for Dinner

I swear at the rate the J-family is wearing us down, I probably would need juvederm to get rid of all this frown lines and wrinkles caused by worrying about her and her baby. Like today for instance, she keeps wanting to bring her baby outside to the vacated upstairs apartment. I was trying to […]

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