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Home Made brownies

Brownies with Three Ingredients

I’ve always loved baking and I remember bringing home with pride all the cakes and cookies that I’ve baked in school during our home economics classes. Mom and dad has always been supportive which makes me all the more confident of my baking. lol! Fast forward a few years and baking has been made more […]

baking hacks

7 Delicious Baking Hacks

Here’s 7 baking hacks which may come in handy one day.. Bake well my friends! Cheerio… LadyJava First Commenter ***


Swissroll with Pineapple Jam

On my last trip to Singapore (which also happened to be during Ramadan), me and mommy decided that since there was extra pineapple tart jam, we would make swissroll and use the jam as filling. The swiss roll turned out beautiful and with the home made jam, it was absolutely divine. Isn’t it lovely? Cheerio… […]

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