Stands for All

I reckon the same way cake has cake stand, musical instruments such as the guitars and cellos have their own stands as well. I’m sure there are many variety of guitar stand and cello stand out in the market but if you are looking for a stable and durable one, do check the ones at Musician Friend. Their prices are really reasonable and they ship internationally.

For the Love of Puffs

These past few weeks my little halogen oven has been very busy. Busy with the baking of the many variety of puff that I have been trying out. I started off with potatoes and mayo, followed by canned spicy tuna. Then I went on to Apple and cinnamon (a great hit with Azwaj and mommy) and finally my personal favorite,  chocolate.

chocolate puff

Chocolate Puff.. Oh you’re so pretty..

I’m still trying to find the perfect filling for my puff. As I’ve run out of apples, I’ve been pestering mom to make her “Sambal ikan bilis” and hope she will do that soon. In the meantime.. the halogen oven rest.


Random Rambling

Yamaha has always been known for their super awesome musical instruments. From their keyboards to guitars, from their drums to their Synthesizers like their 76 key synth.

So is it any wonder that Azwaj actually ordered his Yamaha musical stuff from overseas when it is not available here in Malaysia? He loves checking out sites like Guitar Center for all his musical needs and I know he’s eyeing something right now. Too bad it is not shipping to this country yet. Oh well..

Snap Jack

There is two kinds of snapjack that I know of. One is the instrument cable that Azwaj uses for his guitar to avoid damage and can be bought online at Musician’s Friend, the other is the pancake cutter. I personally prefer the pancake cutter.. lol!

In case you don’t know, Snap Jack pancake cutter is a fun and easy way to cut pancake stacks, waffles and French toast! All you need to do is place the cutter on the stack of pancake and press hard downwards.. and presto evenly sized pancake for breakfast. Awesome!!!

College Rings

If you are looking to add some jazz to your college rings, why not check out college rings. They have a vast selection of rings for you to choose from. There are traditional ones to some that are more contemporary looking or you can be more creative and create your own look which is exclusive for your college.

Thmayflower college ringis is my personal favorite, the Mayflower College ring. The price depends on the type of metal you choose. The ring features two-digit graduation year and degree on the sides as well as your school name encircling the stone. How awesome is that as a college ring right?

Anyway, do check out the site for more rings selection, I know you’re gonna love them all.


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